Faculty and Staff

Katherine Miller

Chair, Physical Education Department
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Assistant Athletic Director/SWA

Phone: 269.337.5752

Email: katherine.miller@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness, PED-020 Beginning Racquetball

Lynsey K. VanSweden

Physical Education Coordinator
Athletics Compliance Coordinator
Assistant to the Athletic Director

Phone: 269.337.7082

Email: lynsey.vansweden@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness, PED-020 Beginning Racquetball

Jennifer L. Bailey

Director, Fitness & Wellness Center

Phone: 269.337.7035

Email: jennifer.bailey@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-084 Advanced Interval Training

Karen Berthel

Associate Professor of Theater Arts

Phone: 269.337.7128

Email: karen.berthel@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-118-02 Beginning Yoga

Cindy Cavanagh

Head Volleyball Coach

Phone: 269.337.7086

Email: cindy.cavanagh@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness; PED-037 Volleyball

James P. Daniels

Head Swimming & Diving Coach
Director of Intramurals

Aquatics Director

Email: james.daniels@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-092 Developmental Swimming

Kelli Duimstra

Head Softball Coach

Email: kelli.duimstra@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Nick Giard

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Phone: 269.337.5804

Email: ngiard@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness; PED-003 Basketball

Bryan Goyings

Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Phone: 269.337.5776

Email: bryan.goyings@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-022 Recreational Soccer; PED-151 Step Up!

Jane Hoinville

Advancement-Prospect Research Analyst

Phone: 269.337.7360

Email: Jane.Hoinville@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-126 Gardening

Jory Horner

Director of Outdoor Programming

Phone: 269.337.7356

Email: jory.horner@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-024 Indoor Rock Climbing, PED-177 Snowshoeing;

Eugene Jones IV

Assistant Football Coach

Email: ejones@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

John Krahacic

Assistant Football Coach

Phone: 269.337.5805

Email: john.krajacic@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-098 InerTRAIN, PED-089 Conditioning & Speed

Jim Langeland

Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences
Professor of Biology

Phone: 269.337.7010

Email: jim.langeland@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-118 Beginning Yoga

Kyle Morrison

Head Men’s & Women’s Cross Country Coach
Faculty member in Biology Department

Phone: 269.337.7082

Email: Kyle.Morrison@kzoo.edu

Mark Murphy

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Summer Camps
Head Women’s Tennis Coach

Phone: 269.337.5793

Email: mark.murphy@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-021 Squash; PED-035 Advanced Tennis; PED-151 Step-up!

Amy Newday

Center for Civic Engagement – Mellon Fellow for Experiential Learning

Phone: 269.337.7381
Email: Amy.Newday@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-126 Gardening; PED-128 Composting

Michael Ott

Head Baseball Coach

Phone: 269.337.7347

Email: michael.ott@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Jess Port

Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs

Email: Jess.Port@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-163 Backpacking

Brianne Powers

Assistant Swimming & Diving Coach

Email: brianne.powers@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-092 Developmental Swimming

Vincent Redko

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Phone: 269.337.7591

Email: vincent.redko@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-130 Cooking and Food Issues

Aaron Rice

Assistant Football Coach

Email: aaron.rice@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-089 Speed & Conditioning

Mark J. Riley

Head Men’s Tennis Coach
Director of USTAs

Phone: 269.337.7079

Email: mark.riley@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-033 Beginning Tennis

Lumumba Shabazz

Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Phone: 269.337.7454

Email: lumumba.shabazz@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Jessica R. Smith

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Ultimate Frisbee Club Advisor

Phone: 269.337.5790

Email: jessica.smith@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-002 Badminton

Sara Stockwood

The Director for the Center for Environmental Stewardship and Anderson Arboretum

Phone: 269.337.5993

Email: sara.stockwood@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-128 Composting; PED-160 Arboretum Stewardship Practicum

Kathleen White

Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 269.337.7093

Email: kathleen.white@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-300 Athletic Training Practicum

Nick Wilson

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 269.337.7093

Email: nicholas.wilson@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-300 Athletic Training Practicum

Jamie Zorbo

Head Football Coach
Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Fund and Sponsorships

Phone: 269.337.7078

Email: james.zorbo@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-089 Conditioning & Speed

Independently Contracted Instructors

Bridgett Blough

Phone: 269.208.4805

Email: bridgettblough@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-118 Beginning Yoga; Intermediate Yoga

Website: Organic Gypsy

Carrie Bennett

Phone: 248.470.0103

Email: thefitnessspot@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-084 Boot Camp; PED-107 Pilates

Cortney Blair

Email: cortney.blair@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-010 Social Dance

Sun Hwan Chung

Phone: 269.372.2171

Email: championtkd318@yahoo.com

Courses Taught: PED-030 Tai Kwon Do

Sher Marie Farrell

Phone: 269.381.1058

Email: smfballet@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-045 Beginning Ballet; Men’s Ballet; PED-046 Intermediate Ballet; PED-047 Ballet Company Technique; PED-048 Barre a Terre

Brian Hoff

Phone: 269.382.1209

Email: brian.c.hoff@Pfizer.com

Courses Taught: PED-031 Tai Chi

Mary-Katherine Miller

Email: marykatherine.thompsonmiller@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-096 K-Cycle

Cedar Lodge

Email: campcedarlodge@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-008 Equestrian

Jon & Emma Elms

Email: jon.c.elms@wmich.edu

Courses Taught: West Coast Swing Dance

Snyder Dojo

Email: snyderdojo@hotmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-032 Judo

Kalamazoo Barre

Email: info@kalamazoobarrestudio.com

Courses Taught: PED-100 Kalamazoo Barre

Kate Yancho

Email: kate.e.yancho@gmail.com

Courses Taught: PED-056 Well-Spring Dance; PED-112 Wake Up and Dance

Down Dog Yoga Center

Courses Taught: PED-118 Off-Campus Yoga

Website: Down Dog Yoga Center

John Fink

Email: john.fink@kzoo.edu

Courses Taught: PED-156 Bell Tower Ringing